My Name is Earl Clip

Running Time: 1:03 min.

Corina was a Guest Star as the Character Preggers

Desperate Housewives Clip

Running Time: 1:23 min.

Corina was a Co Star as the Cashier

Clip from Black Gun Reloaded

Running time: 3:28 min.

Directed by John Cockrill

As a joke to deal with her horrible co-worker, Dave, Lisa (a video game programer) makes him the evil villain in her new game Black Gun. She falls asleep at her desk and wakes up to find her video game character, Agent Black, has appeared in real life!

Character Voice Demo 2015 

Running time: 1:05 min.

Recorded and edited by Michael Schapiro.

Character Demo - Corina Boettger
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Character Voice Demo 2015 (without effects)
Running time: 57 sec.
Recorded and edited by Mike Schapiro
Character Demo without Effects - Corina Boettger
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