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Contact Me

Corina Boettger
PO Box 2240 Suite #572
Toluca Lake CA 91610-0240
(Don't send me things you want me to send back. You will not get it back.)
Artistic Talent LA
On Camera:
Kylie Mackenzie
Voice Over:
Marcie Polzin


For Convention Bookings:

Either contact them below or email their Convention Agent Dakota Lawrence

Watch me on Youtube

I stream and post videos of me playing video games on a regular basis. You can watch and even talk to me in the chat! Click the button, it will take you to the youtube channel, and join the fun!

Classes with Corina

Corina teaches classes on Sundays at 11am - 3pm pst (sometimes this changes because of schedules) over zoom. The class is a group class. Script/side materials will be provided but you can also bring in your own materials if you would like. Once you sign up for a class (which you can do by emailing below) you will be also invited to a student discord. It is only for students and it is for if you have any questions that were not answered in class that you can answer them there. Corina also has several documents that go over frequently asked questions that will be available to you in the discord. The price for each class is $80. Email below asking about the classes and you will be given instructions about how to sign up! If you are a minor please have your parents email more or at least CC them in the emails.

Contact me through email:

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